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August 1, 2023

CNC three-axis machining parts
From Design to Delivery - A Guide to Custom CNC Parts Manufacturing
At present, with the diverse development of technology, the requirements of customers for CNC machining parts are getting higher. The common CNC machining cannot meet their requirements. Therefore, custom CNC parts become their necessary choices. What factors need to be considered by custom CNC parts? Cost control: Custom CNC parts are usually not suitable for large-scale production, costs need to...
Stainless steel sheet metal parts-3
DMTC’s custom car parts manufacturing
With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the importance of custom car parts manufacturing has become increasingly prominent. As the foundation of the automobile industry, custom car parts manufacturing is not only related to product quality but also affects the development of the entire industrial chain.
cnc control system-1
Mask production line automatic inspection machine
In 2021, one of our business partner-- Shenzhen Juneng Defu Technology Co,.ltd told us that they were planning to make new machine which is the automatic checkout machine for the mask production line. Because now almost domestic mask production company still inspect the mask by hand after mass production. And for the
Space chair-1
Aircraft class seat
The main business of our company includes the design, development, processing and manufacturing of aviation components. We have experience in the design and development of functional system components of airplane seats -- "business class seat armrest", "airplane seat tray table" and other products. And the project of K
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