CNC Machining

        We offer customized parts in both plastic and metal material with professional solutions. Fast turn is available. With a wide range of plastic and metal options, customers can choose the desired materials and finish. Our CNC machining products can be ordered at a low volume.The production lead time is around 3 to 7 days.The tight tolerant can be achieved (Like +/-0.006mm for holes).


4 axis with 2400 high speed


Turn-milling with the 4500 high speed

        Though using every available commercial material, we quickly produce components, models and tools in a short run.We dedicate in saving machining cost to increase your competitive edge. We provide cost-effective precision machining services for custom metal/plastic CNC machined parts.

  •  Fast lead time   
  •  Standard or tight tolerance can be achieved   
  •  Competitive price   
  •  Master machines   
  •  Extensive experienced machinists   
  •  Produce precision parts