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Steel parts made by cnc machining and sheet metal fabrication play a significant role in many industry manufacturing. High-quality machining services are important for your steel parts, DMTC provides one-stop metal processing services, including steel cnc machining and steel sheet metal fabrication, wire cutting, and surface treatment services. And we pay great attention to the precision, quality, cost, and delivery time of every project. 

The Characters of Steel CNC machining and steel sheet metal fabrication

Excellent processability

the steel alloy can be machined easily, smoothly, and efficiently, and it can ensure a good surface finish on the steel.

High tensile strength

Steel has considerable strength. As such, it achieves a delicate balance between workability, density, and toughness, making it a suitable metal for parts requiring mechanical loads and structural requirements. Typical steel alloys have strengths greater than 500MPa.

High wear and tear resistance

Another beneficial property of steel for machining and manufacturing is its high wear resistance. This property helps ensure that CNC-machined steel parts are more durable and last longer. Machinists further enhance the steel’s wear and tear resistance through heat treatment and case hardening processes.

High versatility

Steel is versatile and comes in different grades to suit unique applications. Whether mild steel, high-speed tool steel, or other different steel alloys, they can be used in the manufacturing of automotive, aerospace, electrical, or consumer and household goods.

Good corrosion resistance

Unlike typical iron metal steel, iron alloys have good corrosion resistance, a property of the alloy due to the chromium. This property allows steel to be used in harsh applications where parts may be exposed to moisture or corrosive chemicals.

Good dimensional stability

Steel has low thermal expansion compared to many metals. Therefore, it maintains dimensional accuracy regardless of tight tolerance requirements even when exposed to different temperature changes, such as during machining.

The processes of steel CNC machining

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Steel CNC milling

CNC milling steel involves using a rotating tool to remove material from a steel workpiece. The process is versatile and produces machined steel parts with high precision and accuracy. It is the preferred CNC collaboration method for creating complex structures and shapes with contours in steel parts. Typical steel milling cutters include high-speed steel, carbide, and cobalt high-speed end mills.

Steel CNC turning

The operation involves rotating the workpiece on a stationary lathe, gradually removing fragments of material to form a cylindrical CNC-machined steel part. Like all CNC operations, CN turning steel is highly efficient at maintaining dimensional accuracy in parts with tight tolerance requirements. This process mainly benefits the manufacturing of pins, shafts, and other rotating parts.

The processes of steel sheet metal fabrication

It is important to understand the various steel sheet metal fabrication techniques that can be used to fully understand the process


  • Cutting is the first step of steel sheet metal fabrication.


  • Stamping is a cold forming process in which the blank into various shapes by the stamping process.


  • bending is another important process in steel sheet metal fabrication.


  • Punching is a method used to create holes in steel sheet metal processes.


  • One of the final steps in sheet metal fabrication is the welding process.

(sheet metal) welding

  • The basic function of fusing multiple pieces of metal into one unit is “sheet metal welding”.

The Application of Steel Parts

Aerospace industry

Landing gear components such as struts, axles, brackets.

Automotive industry

engine components such as shafts and connecting rods, including automotive chassis and suspension components.

Medical equipment

Surgical equipment such as forceps, scalpel handles, orthopedic implants.

Electronics industry

Connectors and Housings

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Steel CNC machining and steel sheet metal fabrication service at DMTC:

  1. Quote in 24 hours.
  2. Help you design the drawing.
  3. Based on the quality control system ISO9001, our factory can provide high-quality parts with strict inspection.
  4. Fast delivery: 3-5 days to finish the production if you need.
  5. Wide selection of material and surface treatment
  6. Steel is a versatile material with a wide range of features suitable for various applications. It has many favorable properties that make it one of the main materials for several industrial applications. DMTC has advanced machines and rich experienced experts, we have provided lots of steel parts to different industries. Any requests or ideas, welcome to email us!
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