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Brass CNC machining

What are the characteristics and advantages of brass?

Brass is made of copper and zinc, this composition we called ordinary brass, and if it is composed of more than two kinds of alloy is called special brass. The characteristics of brass are strong wear resistance, corrosion resistance, aesthetics, and good processing properties. It can be pressed, cast, and welded at high temperatures.

What are the processes of DMTC brass CNC machining?

Design and CAD drawing:

We will design and CAD draw the brass, in the CAD software, we can determine the size, shape, and machining requirements of parts.

Parts programming:

After completing the CAD drawing, we need to convert the drawing information into the program code that the CNC machine can recognize.

Machine tool setup:

Before starting machining, we need to adjust the CNC machine to the appropriate position. This includes clamping the workpiece, installing the appropriate turning tool, selecting the appropriate turning speed, and adjusting the coordinate system of the machine tool and the position of the workbench.


Start machining, the CNC machine will automatically carry out a turning operation, according to the predetermined path and parameters to process the workpiece

Processing completion:

We make the surface treatment of the brass-turned parts to reach the required strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance


DMTC owns the most advanced machinery and professional technical personnel, Our process is excellent, every product has been strictly tested and we select high-quality brass material to machine every process, the brass-turned parts are very smooth, and this tolerance is very low and can reach the±0.005inch. if you have any quality problems, we promise to deal with them the first time. we have 30 advanced CNC machines and more than 150 employees. so we can ensure the timeliness of our shipments. our delivery time is about 3-7days

Brass CNC machining

What are the surface treatments of DMTC brass CNC machining?

There is no natural coating of brass-turned parts, however, the natural gold color of brass can be used as a finished product for brass-turned parts. If there are other uses of brass, it may need surface treatment.DMTC has many types of surface treatments as follows:


As machined

Because of the bright natural golden color surface of brass, the finished brass precision parts are also more beautiful. We usually adopt surface treatments to it, such as deburring and sharp edges.



We use grinding wheels and grinding disks to polish the surface of custom brass precision parts. The abrasives on the disks help remove impurities and make the surface smoother.



This surface treatment method uses electroplating to bind molecules of another metal to the surface of brass precision parts. The metals used in electroplating include aluminum, stainless steel, etc., and the surface after electroplating is usually bright or smooth.


Brushed Finishing

The brushed finishing is a surface treatment method that uses grinding products to form linear surface texture on the surface of the workpiece to achieve a decorative effect.

What are the applications of DMTC brass CNC machining?

Brass can be made into a variety of automotive parts, such as car water tanks, gasoline pumps, steering gear, fuel lines, etc.

Brass can be made into medical instruments such as cavity mirrors, medical instruments, and parts.

Brass can be used to make various parts of ships, such as hull shells, rudders, propellers, etc. It has excellent corrosion resistance and marine environment resistance, so it is widely used in shipbuilding.

Brass can be used to make a variety of mechanical parts and tools, such as bolts, nuts, gears, bushing, etc. Brass has good mechanical properties and wear resistance, so it is suitable for the manufacture of these mechanical parts and tools.

Brass can be used to make a variety of household appliances and kitchenware, such as faucets, water heaters, refrigerators, ovens, etc. There is good thermal conductivity and it is easy to process and polish, so it is also widely used in these fields.


DMTC was established in 2009, and we have 15 years of manufacturing experience, with strong manufacturing capacity, our products are exported overseas, and they are very popular with the majority of foreign customers. Our products have passed ISO9001 certification and IATF16949 certification, we can quickly reply to customer inquiries within 24 hours, we can provide customers with various types of precision parts, can draw customized parts for free, every product has passed the strict quality inspection and testing before shipping, products will be packed with foam cartons or wooden boxes for transportation.

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