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What is prototyping?


Prototyping is a manufacturing process used to create samples or models of a product. It typically uses tools such as computer-aided design (CAD) software and computer numerical control machines (CNC) to precisely cut and process materials to create a model that resembles the final product.


The Benefits of Custom Prototyping:

Accelerate product design and research and development progress;

Improve internal and external communication, grasp the appearance and structure of the final product in advance, and make the design more reasonable;

Significantly improve the success rate of mold development and manufacturing;

It can make the quality of the final product better and increase customer satisfaction;

It can save costs, reduce expenses, and increase profits at the same time.

Why choose custom prototyping and rapid prototyping services At DMTC:

1.DMTC Has a good quality management system, we obtained the certificate of ISO 9001:2015/AS9100D in 2019.

2.Quick response to customer requests. Make it possible for your urgent order in a short delivery time.

3.Various materials, processes, and finishes can be provided, and support strict tolerance requests.

4.DMTC has many kinds of test equipment to guarantee the quality of material and parts, such as a Handheld XRF Analyzer, Hardness Tester, Full automatic CMM, etc.

5.DMTC owns experienced technicians can help you save the cost from design to production, no matter whether one sample or mass goods.


The types of rapid custom prototyping include 3D printing, CNC prototyping, sheet metal fabrication, and injection molding. CNC prototyping and sheet metal fabrication are the major rapid prototyping services At DMTC.

What is CNC prototyping?

CNC prototyping is a branch of CNC processing and manufacturing. It inputs CAD files into CNC machine tools for prototype processing and manufacturing.CNC prototyping focuses on smaller-scale personalized needs, such as quickly producing a single or a small number of prototype samples for functional testing or user feedback. It is often used in design and development, research experiments, and, other fields.

The advantages of CNC prototyping :

1.CNC machine tools can achieve very high machining accuracy and repeatability, they can reduce errors and waste. This is very important for making prototypes that require high precision.

2.CNC machine tools can process the prototypes automatically, greatly shortening production cycles,  and thereby increasing the speed and efficiency of prototyping.

3.CNC machine tools can process a variety of different materials, including plastics, metals, wood, etc., and can also quickly change different tools and fixtures to accommodate prototype processing needs of various shapes and sizes.

4.CNC machine tools use digital control systems that can control the machining process through computer programming, thereby improving the accuracy and repeatability of machining and reducing human operating errors.

The rapid prototyping services At DMTC:

Rapid CNC prototyping: DMTC aims to create a one-stop CNC machining platform to serve customers. We have many experienced technicians and engineers to support our work from design to production. Different types of 30 CNC machines can meet customers’ needs in a wide variety of industries. The machining services can be provided including CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC grinding, CNC drilling, EDM service, and so on. We also have 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis machines that can meet custom prototyping requests. And beyond that, DMTC offers a variety of material and finishing options, which have got many good feedback from our customers.

Rapid Sheet Metal Fabrication: Sheet metal fabrication is a comprehensive cold processing process for metal sheets (usually under 6mm), including shearing, punching, bending, welding, riveting, mold forming, and surface treatment, etc. DMTC can provide service for all processes of sheet metal fabrication. The field of sheet metal fabrication is generally divided into three main types: commercial, industrial, and structural. Each type plays a key role in different industries. DMTC provides good quality parts based on our advanced technology and lots of experience.


Prototyping is an important manufacturing process for different industries. The advantages are increased production efficiency, reduced manufacturing costs, creation of high-quality prototypes, testing and improvement in the early stages of product development, etc. With the advancement of technology and expansion of applications, prototyping technology will become one of the important tools for future product design and manufacturing. We(Shenzhen DMTC Intelligent Technology CO., LTD) Continue to be committed to providing the best rapid prototyping services to meet the needs of different industries.

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