The advantage of medical CNC machining in the medical field:

1: Customization and personalization

CNC machining can create personalized medical parts and equipment based on the patient’s unique anatomical structure. This ability enables to creation of personalized orthopedic implantation, fake teeth, hearing aids, and other equipment. CNC machines can accurately create items that perfectly fit the patient’s body by using 3D scanning or MRI images. This improves comfort, function, and treatment effects, and accelerates patient recovery.


2: Complex shape and structure

CNC machining can produce complex geometric shapes and complex internal structures that are often difficult to achieve. When manufacturing implants, micro equipment, and surgical equipment, the internal cavity channel can be accurately carved.

precision medical machining stainless steel parts


3:Rapid prototyping

The prototyping allows medical engineers and designers to create functional models for creating parts and equipment, enabling them to evaluate design, assembly, and functions before starting production. The combination of computer-aided design (CAD) software and CNC machine tools enables digital design to quickly convert into physical prototypes. This allows iterative design improvement and helps ensure that medical equipment has been thoroughly tested and optimized before its release.


DMTC supports fast prototype production. We have 30 precision machines and professional technical personnel, including 3 axes, 4 axes, and 5-axis precision machines that can quickly make prototypes, can customize and personalize products. And can machine the complex shapes and structures of products


Application of medical CNC machining


1: Surgical tool production

Complex surgery requires high-precision and professional tools. The range of these instruments is from simple operating knives and scissors to complex robotic arms for minimally invasive surgery. These tools must be made with high precision. CNC machining plays a vital role in the surgical tools required for the production of various medical surgeries. Our CNC machine tools can achieve complex geometric shapes and strict tolerances. The tolerance can be controlled at ± 0.005inch


2: Electronic medical equipment

Many medical equipment (such as MRI scanners, heart rate monitors, and X-ray machines) are equipped with thousands of CNC-processed electronic components. Including switches, buttons, and control rods, as well as electronic shells and shells.


3: Small orthopedic hardware

Board, screws, and sticks are widely used in the medical field to repair or replace damaged bones and joints. Their manufacturing must have the highest accuracy and quality. Our CNC machining can handle a variety of biocompatible materials, including titanium and stainless steel commonly used in orthopedic devices. We use high-quality materials for machining. Our technicians have more than ten years of manufacturing experience and can manufacture high-quality precision medical machining parts

stainless steel parts for medical devices

4: Dental tools and implants

CNC machining is very important for providing high-quality dental care through the creation of custom dental tools and implants. Dental doctors around the world rely on advanced CNC technology for precise treatment. This technology is very suitable for making durable instruments, such as drills, dental cleansing machines, probes, and tweezers. These instruments are essential for various operations. The production of this equipment requires excellent durability to bear sterilization and ensure the safety of patients. Our medical CNC machining provides repeated and strict quality control to ensure that each precision medical machining parts meet strict standards.


5: Medical equipment prototype

Before the production of any medical equipment on a large scale, it is important to create a prototype for testing and verification. CNC machining provides a fast economical and efficient solution for the prototype of medical equipment. With the ability to quickly generate design multiple iterations, engineers can test and improve the equipment to ensure their safety, effectiveness, and compliance with regulatory requirements. Our medical CNC machining can also produce small-batch prototypes, enabling manufacturers to minimize waste and save material costs in the development process.


DMTC precision medical machining parts are widely used in the medical field, and our CNC machining products are also widely used in aviation, automobiles, ships, and other industrial fields.


DMTC medical CNC machining service

medical CNC machining stainess steel parts

DMTC was established in 2009. We have 15 years of manufacturing experience. We own 30 high-precision equipment and 150 employees. we support CNC machining services such as turning, milling, drilling, etc. as well as stamping, bending, welding, and other sheet metal fabrication. Our products have passed ISO9001 and IATF 16949 certification. Our products have conducted strict quality testing before shipping.


DMTC is one of the domestic high-quality medical equipment and accessories suppliers. Our precision medical machining parts have been exported overseas for more than ten years. and have been recognized and welcomed by customers. If you need precision medical machining parts, please contact us at +86-13716394257 or Email us at


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