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DMTC devotes to help customer design and manufacture aerospace parts,supplies customized solutions for different customers. CNC parts as fast as 5 days. Based on AS9100 certification, DMTC manufactures parts in a wide range of aerospace grade materials,but guarantee the high quality and performance.


DMTC helps home appliances customer manufacture the customized parts for the coffee maker /oven /microwave oven etc. Helps customers make high quality home appliances . DMTC cnc the parts in a wide range of metal and plastic materials,but guarantee the high quality and performance.

DMTC supplies the cnc machining service for the auto industry, In 2022,DMTC manufactures the cross car bean parts for our one auto industry customer,the precision parts were be finished with very good quality and high performance. DMTC will continuous provide best parts for automobile industry through our CNC machines.

Auto Industiy
Colsumer Goods

DMTC also can manufactures large range of parts for many daily consumer products, like home appliance components, sports goods, coffee machine parts, and baby car seat parts and so on.

DMTC helps one customer design and manufacture the parts for their medical apparatus and instruments,which is the automatic checkout machine for the mask production line.It helps customer achieved fully automated production, saved much time and labor cost.

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