CNC Grinding

What is CNC grinding?

Grinding is an abrasive precision machining method that uses grinding tools and abrasives to remove an extremely thin layer of metal from the surface of the workpiece based on finishing. It uses an excess amount of grinding tools to grind the workpiece to obtain the required shape, size, and processing surface. The sharpening of cutting tools and the precise manufacturing of mechanical parts all rely on grinding work, which is also part of CNC precision machining.

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CNC surface grinding

CNC surface grinding is usually done on cnc surface grinder after accurate grinding. It is performed on a very flat grinding plate. First, apply the appropriate abrasive on the flat plate or workpiece, then place the surface to be ground on the grinding plate, grind in a figure-8 shape or a combination of spiral and linear motion, and constantly change the direction of movement of the workpiece, until the accuracy requirements are met. Generally, larger pressure can be used for small hard workpieces or rough grinding, while smaller pressure can be used for large workpieces or fine grinding. There are two types of surface grinding: grinding by grinding wheel or cylindrical grinding is called peripheral grinding. It is finished by a horizontal axis CNC surface grinder. grinding by grinding wheel of internal grinding is called internal grinding, it is finished by a vertical axis cnc surface grinder.​

CNC cylindrical grinding

CNC cylindrical grinding is mainly carried out on cylindrical grinding machines, used to grind the outer cylinder, outer cone, and shaft shoulder end face of shaft parts. During cylindrical grinding, the part rotates at a low speed. If the part moves longitudinally back and forth at the same time and the grinding wheel feeds laterally relative to the part after each single or double longitudinal movement, that’s called the longitudinal grinding method.

CNC internal grinding

In the grinding process, internal cylindrical grinding is also a very common process. Internal cylindrical grinding can be processed through holes, closed holes, step holes, etc. on machine components, so it is widely used in mechanical processing. The dimensional accuracy of processing can generally reach the tolerance level IT6-IT7. If high-precision grinding technology is used, the dimensional accuracy can be controlled within 0.005mm.

CNC centerless grinding

Centerless Grinding is a type of cylindrical grinding. There are two grinding wheels on the machine: a guide wheel and a grinding wheel. The guide wheel drives the cylindrical workpiece to rotate on the horn, and the grinding wheel grinds the workpiece.

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The advantages of CNC grinding:

Micronity: The workpiece can be cut at 0.01~0.1μm

Randomness: the workpiece and the grinding tool are in random contact, the high points are trimmed with each other, the error is gradually reduced, and the accuracy is improved the same time.

Targetedness: The workpiece can be detected, the grinding position can be changed in a targeted manner and the grinding time can be controlled to ensure dimensional and shape accuracy.

The features and applications of CNC grinding:

  1. The equipment is simple but has high accuracy requirements.
  2. The processing quality is reliable. High accuracy and low Ra values can be obtained. However, it generally cannot improve the position accuracy between the machined surface and other surfaces.
  3. It Can process all kinds of steel, hardened steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum and its alloys, cemented carbide, ceramics, glass, and some plastic products, etc.
  4. Grinding is widely used to process various high-precision profiles in single-piece and small-batch production, and can also be used in large-scale mass production.

High-Quality CNC Grinding Service at DMTC

  1. DMTC owns Advanced machines and equipment and has experienced experts who can help review product drawings to avoid any errors.
  2. DMTC can produce parts with tolerances as precise as ±0.001 inches, ensuring each part is machined to the highest standards.
  3. DMTC also uses the newest program software for our machines, which can create complex geometries and intricate shapes easily.
  4. DMTC always adheres to strict inspection standards, and every part will be inspected by our experts before shipment.

The CNC grinding service at DMTC is suitable for prototyping, no matter you are small batch manufacturing or mass manufacturing. We can offer a wide range of materials to meet the different needs of our customers. Whether you need metal parts with exceptional strength or plastic parts with outstanding mechanical properties, our materials can meet the needs of different industries and applications. About the CNC grinding service, we prioritize the functionality and beauty of the precision CNC parts, and we can ensure high precision with different surface treatments.

If you are looking for a high-quality CNC grinding service, DMTC is your best choice!

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