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Copper C110

Characteristics of copper alloy parts

The copper alloy has the characteristics of high electrical and thermal conductivity, good processability, satisfactory strength good corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. CNC copper machining is a precision machining technology used in various industries to manufacture copper alloy parts. The excellent properties of copper and copper alloys make copper alloy parts widely used in aerospace, military industry, communications, electric power, electrical, electronics, hardware, machinery manufacturing, home appliances, automobiles, and many other fields.

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Compared with other metals, the main characteristics of CNC copper alloy parts are

 ● CNC copper alloy parts have high electrical conductivity and high thermal conductivity (the electrical and thermal conductivity of copper is second only to silver, but the price is much lower than silver)

● CNC copper alloy parts are corrosion-resistant and have a solid structure.

● CNC copper alloy parts have appropriate strength and good ductility and plasticity.

● In CNC machining, copper alloy parts are easy to form and have elegant and solemn colors.

The Processes of Copper Alloy Machining at DMTC

We always manufacture copper alloy parts for the aerospace and auto industry such as the parts of rocket engine thrust chambers and resistance welding electrodes for new energy vehicles

CNC turning of copper alloy machining: CNC turning is suitable for a variety of copper alloys and can quickly produce high-precision copper alloy parts. The process is cost-effective, at DMTC, CNC turning is widely used for manufacturing many electronic and mechanical components, such as wire connectors, valves, busbars, radiators, etc.
CNC milling of cooper alloy machining: CNC milling is an automated machining process that is controlled by the machine at DMTC. CNC milling is the most common process in copper alloy machining at DMTC because copper alloy material has good machinability and can process precise and complex parts.

Copper alloy machining service at DMTC

CNC copper alloy parts are suitable for many different applications, high-quality copper alloy machining services are important to meet the designs and requirements of different industries’ customers. At DMTC, we have experienced professionals to help customers finish the design and production.
1. DMTC owns 30 advanced pieces of equipment, we have full automatic CMM, semi-automatic CMM, and hardness tester, etc.
2. Rapid machining for your order, delivery within 5 days at the earliest.
3. DMTC can provide lots of surface treatment for your copper alloy parts, such as polishing, electroplating, sandblasting, etc.
4. Guarantee for after-sales service, we promise to help you solve the problem for parts within one month after you get the parts.

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