Consumer Goods

The applications of consumer goods parts processed by DMTC

DMTC is one of the high-quality domestic consumer goods parts suppliers, The products it manufactures are widely used in consumer goods.


The box parts are generally composed of support, assembly bearings, or shaft components. Shaft parts with geometric shapes require high precision. The electric appliance parts of our CNC machining are ± 0.005 inches. It can meet the high requirements of axis products for accuracy.

Sporting goods

Treadmills, elliptical machines, exercise bikes, and others generally use steel, this material can be a good guarantee of product quality and product safety, we use advanced bending machines, stamping machines, and drilling machines to make sure size, beautiful degree, and integrity of the products. Through welding, grinding, sandblasting, and other processes to make the product more sturdy, and extend the service life of the equipment.


Most of the popular TV outer frames are made of aluminum alloy, which is more heat dissipated than traditional plastic frames. We use a thermal treatment process to strengthen the surface, which not only reinforces its strength but also adds its corrosion resistance. In addition, we can also perform surface finishing such as painting, sandblasting, brushed finishing, and polishing. As one of the high-quality domestic electric appliance parts suppliers, the TV outer frames look more beautiful after we adopt the treatment finishing.

Coffee machine

Stainless steel is the most common tableware material in daily life. It is high security and the appearance is not too bad. This material is perfect for making coffee machines. we often use 304 stainless steel which can resist chemical oxidation. However, some of the places with severe pollution will even rust 304 steel, so high-grade products will be made with 18-10 stainless steel. This type of stainless steel reaches the medical level, which is more durable and more anti-corrosive. DMTC uses high-quality stainless steel to make electric appliance parts to meet the different needs of coffee machine products.

Cell phone:

The appearance of our daily smartphone is made of aluminum. Because aluminum alloy components are more durable than plastic parts. DMTC is one of the high-quality electric appliance parts suppliers. The CNC milling and laser cutting technology we provide are widely used on the mobile phone case. Each mobile phone is carved with single aluminum, and its tolerance can reach 10 microns.

Baby car seat

The legs and internal skeleton of the components of the baby car seat are made of steel. If the pure steel skeleton is used, the overall bending performance is relatively weak, and the DMTC safety seat uses more plastic + carbon steel skeleton chair structure. The safety seat of this structure is embedded in the carbon steel skeleton of the plastic chair body, which is equivalent to strong support between the back of the seat and the base, enhancing the compression performance and corrosion resistance, and the safety factor is higher.

As one of the domestic high-quality electric appliance parts suppliers, DMTC can not only provide precision electric appliance parts but also support the custom manufacturing of different consumer products in other categories.

The category and advantages of DMTC processing technology

As one of the domestic high-quality electric appliance parts suppliers, DMTC has provided various precision electric appliance parts exported overseas for more than ten years, It is recognized and welcomed by foreign customers.

CNC machining

We adopt computer digital control precision mechanical processing. its advantages are high precision, high efficiency, multifunctional, repetitive, programmability, and automation control. It can meet the requirements of size, shape, and surface quality. Compared with traditional manual processing, the processing accuracy is higher. 

Sheet metal fabrication is a comprehensive cold processing process for metal thin plates (usually below 6mm), including stamping, bending, welding, laser cutting, etc.  Sheet metal fabrication is easy to cut and weld, and it can create large and complex components.

Surface treatment is a process method, which on the surface of the matrix material, artificial formation of a layer of mechanical, physical, and chemical properties different from the matrix. It can improve the characteristics of the product’s appearance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, hardness, strength, and other characteristics.

Why choose DMTC?

1: We support CNC machining services such as turning, milling, and drilling, as well as sheet metal processing technologies such as stamping, bending, welding
we also support surface finishing such as polishing, electroplating, anodized aluminum finish, etc. This can meet the various needs of customers

2: We quickly reply within 24 hours after receiving the inquiry. Our delivery is about 3-7 days

3: We can also draw customized parts for free to meet customers’ needs for special products

4: Our products have passed ISO 9001, and IATF 16949 certification. That ensures the quality of products

As one of the domestic high-quality electric appliance parts suppliers, DMTC has provided various precision electric appliance parts exported overseas for more than ten years, It is recognized and welcomed by foreign customers.

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