CNC Drilling

What is the CNC drilling process?

CNC drilling is a highly precise and efficient process for creating holes in a variety of materials based on uploaded CAD designs. It is a subtractive manufacturing method.

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CNC drilling

There are many types of CNC drilling machines, All CNC drilling machines are divided into desktop drilling machines, vertical drilling machines, and radial drilling machines. The desktop drilling machine is generally used to drill holes in small workpieces with a diameter OD<13mm. It adopts belt drive and variable speed by using a five-stage cone wheel. Vertical drilling machines and radial drilling machines are mainly used to drill holes in larger workpieces with a maximum drilling diameter of 25 to 50mm. The transmission of the straight drilling machine is by using gear transmission.

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The operation process of CNC drilling:

1. Marking: understand the drawing requirements first. According to the basic standard requirements for drilling, use tools to mark the center line of the hole location. The center line must be clear and accurate.
2. Drawing an inspection square or inspection circle: After drawing the line, an inspection square or inspection circle based on the center line of the hole should be finished as the center of symmetry, which facilitates inspection and correction during drilling.
3. Punching as a sample: After drawing an inspection square or inspection circle, then can punch a hole as a sample to check whether the punch is indeed hitting the intersection of the cross center line.
4. Clamping: Clean the machine table, fixture surface, and workpiece, and then clamp the workpiece. The clamping should be smooth and firm as required so that it is convenient for checking and measurement at any time.
5. Test drilling: Test drilling must be done before formal drilling.
6. Drilling: After the test drilling is confirmed, the formal CNC drilling can be carried out.

CNC drilling

The Applications of the CNC Drilling Process

As long as it involves CNC machining parts, every industry is inseparable from the CNC drilling process. It can help us machine the deep and small holes in various materials.
Aerospace industry: Drilling holes for fasteners on aircraft fuselages and engines.
Auto industry: Drilling holes for Auto equipment such as cylinder heads, engine blocks, suspension, etc.
Medical equipment: Deep drilling holes for medical equipment such as prosthetics and surgical instruments.
Energy industry: Drilling for energy industry parts like turbine hub and pipe flange.

Choose the best CNC drilling service at DMTC

During CNC drilling, a variety of materials can be used to meet numerous manufacturing needs. The common materials are steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, etc. At DMTC, all these materials can be provided for customized machining.

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