CNC machining tin plating copper C110 for industrial fields

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CNC machining tin plating copper C110 for industrial fields

Process: CNC machining; Surface Treatment: TIN PLATING

Material Copper C110
Surface treatment TIN PLATING
Tolerance ±0.005inch(according to the customized requests)
Process CNC machining
Usage copper C110 for industrial fields
Customized Drawings CAD, JPEG, PDF, STP, IGS, STEP/STP and most other file formats are accepted
Packing By pearl cotton/bubble bag/plastic wrap + carton box , 0.5-10kg/carton box

The characteristics of copper are good ductility, high thermal and high electrical conductivity, the advantages of tinned copper are oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. At the same time, the tin coating on the copper surface improves the welding performance and decorative performance of the workpiece.

Copper turning parts with tinned surfaces are widely used in the automotive industry, aerospace area, and industrial fields.

DMTC owns the most advanced machinery and professional technical personnel, Our process is excellent, and we can machine the product with a variety of surface treatments. every product has been strictly tested and we select high-quality copper material to machine every process, we can provide customers with various types of copper precision parts and can draw customized parts for free.

Copper C110TIN PLATING Copper C110copper C110 for aerospace areaCNC machining copper C110


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