What is the turning milling machine

The turning milling machine is a composite machine tool that contains all the functional features of CNC turning and CNC milling machines. Its functions include turning and milling processes, turning-milling-grinding processes, and milling-grinding processes. The purpose of turning milling machine is to make the machine has multiple functions. It can complete multiple machining at one time, improving processing efficiency and processing accuracy. Because it combines the characteristics of turning and milling processes into one machine, it greatly reduces the floor area and cost.

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What is the background and significance of turn-milling machining?

With the development of the manufacturing industry, traditional single processes can no longer meet the increasingly complex and stringent production requirements. As an advanced processing technology, turning-milling composite machining has the advantages of high processing efficiency, high precision, and strong adaptability. It is of great significance for improving product quality, reducing production costs, and enhancing competitiveness.


Why use the turning and milling composite process instead of the traditional process?

  1. Turning and milling machines are widely used and have the characteristics of high processing accuracy and high efficiency.
  2.  With the continuous development of industry and the gradual popularization of artificial intelligence, turning and milling machines have been recognized in the machining industry.
  3.  Traditional processes are relatively backward.


What are the advantages of turning milling machine?

Compared with traditional CNC machining processes, the advantages of turning milling machine are as follows:

  1. It shortens the product manufacturing process chain and improves production efficiency. A variety of special tools can be installed, and it can reduce tool changing time and improve processing efficiency. Turning milling machines can complete all or most of the processing procedures in one clamping, thus shortening the product manufacturing process chain.
  2. It can reduce the number of clamping times and improve processing accuracy. The reduction of card installations avoids the accumulation of errors caused by positioning reference conversion. Most turning milling machines have online inspection functions, which can realize inspection and precision control of key data in the manufacturing process, thereby improving the accuracy of the parts; The machine is equipped with an automatic feeding device, which can realize automatic feeding and continuous operation, basically realizing the machine’s assembly line operation.

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What are the risks and strategies for DMTC in dealing with the turning and milling process?

During the implementation process, you may face problems such as high equipment costs, difficult process conversion, and extended production cycles. To deal with these risks, DMTC proposes the following countermeasures:

  1. Optimize the purchase plan for turning the milling machineand reduce costs.
  2. Organize the DMTC production team to carry out process methods to reduce the difficulty of the machining.
  3.  Develop flexible production plans to ensure the stability of the production cycle.


Turning milling composite machining is a versatile and powerful solution for manufacturing different parts. It provides efficiency, precision, and cost savings, making it play an important role in many industries.


At DMTC, we have extensive experience in CNC machining, including all kinds of went on turning milling machines. Our production team with high skills and rich experience provides high-quality machining solutions for your parts. Whether you need precision parts with tight tolerances or complex assemblies, we have the capabilities to meet your needs. Send the drawing now!

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