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Many industries use CNC to manufacture parts, but the aerospace industry is one of the most delicate industries with high accuracy requirements. Additionally, aircraft parts manufacturers

can use CNC machines to achieve the results, whether a single part or thousands of parts.

aircraft parts manufacturers

What are the processing methods used by aircraft parts manufacturers?

  1. 3D machining

Through 3D CNC machining, almost any model or technical drawing can be formed to strict specifications. 3D machining is very suitable for large aircraft components. 3D technology and technology can make complex processes easily, accurately, and cheaply.

  1. 5-axis machining

5-axis CNC machining uses a high-precision CNC machining machine that can move tools or parts on five axes simultaneously. This extremely precise machining method is ideal for the aerospace industry, which involves using exotic materials to create particularly complex aircraft parts.

aircraft parts manufacturers

  1. Three coordinate detection

The capability Maturity Model (CMM) inspection guarantees the CAD models and 2D drawings of aircraft parts are high quality, reliable, and safe. Three-dimensional coordinate inspection is an important step in all aerospace engineering projects, where safety is very important.

  1. CNC turning

CNC turning machines have multiple parts with perfect interaction. Computer-aided drafting (CAD) software controls the CNC machine, which can cut excess material and rotate material at high speeds. The accuracy of the machine is less than 10 microns. Based on design drawings, ensure CNC machine can machine the aerospace components of the highest quality and reliability.


A key part of aerospace engineering is material selection. Aircraft industry manufacturing requires materials with high strength, reliability, and wear resistance to ensure they are ready for changing conditions and demanding structural loads. The following are some materials from aircraft parts manufacturers:


  1. High-performance plastic materials: Although metal is the main material used in the functional structure of aircraft, many interior components are made of polymer materials. These materials are much lighter compared to metal materials. They are always used in interior wall panels, wiring conduits, aircraft doors, bearings, and other components. Their characters are strong, lightweight, and fire-resistant. The high-performance plastic material such as PEEK, aircraft parts manufacturers can use it to machine the strong and lightweight complex parts.
  2. Light metal material: Aerospace manufacturing requires materials with exceptional strength, reliability, and wear resistance to ensure they are ready for changing conditions and demanding structural loads. These materials such as aluminum alloy and titanium alloy are suitable for manufacturing aerospace parts. Aluminum also is a staple material used in the aerospace industry. It is almost one-third the weight of stainless steel, helping improve fuel efficiency and weight margins, and is generally cheaper and easier to machine. Titanium alloy is the main material used in the aerospace industry, it is very light and is an attractive choice for aerospace engineering because of its impressive heat and corrosion resistance.

aircraft parts manufacturers

Benefits of aircraft parts manufacturers using CNC to machine aerospace parts:


  1. Lightweight: CNC machining can create thin-walled structures and components from strong and lightweight materials for the aerospace industry.
  2. Accuracy: the parts machined by CNC machining for the aerospace industry guarantee high accuracy.
  3. High efficiency: Using CNC machining in the aerospace industry can improve manufacturing efficiency. The process is automated, increasing production speed. With this kind of accuracy and consistency, it can save production time and cost.
  4. High reliability and economy: Increasingly stringent quality and cost controls.


The aerospace industry requires high standards and quality requirements, as an aircraft parts manufacturer, DMTC is always committed to producing high-quality parts, contact us now!

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