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DMTC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd DMTC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

DMTC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

CNC Machining
  • DMTC started with 5 machines only and have reached 30 imported machines till now. The number of employees continues to grow from 20 people to 150 people.We have a number of experienced specialists who take care of the export process to deal with any issues that may arise. Our annual output value has tripled to nearly 30 million RMB in these years. Three assembly lines are formed in the workshop to meet production needs.
  • As a manufacturer, DMTC cover a plant area of 14,000 square meters, which has a registered capital of 7.33 million RMB, and has been invested over 70 million RMB till now.
  • Currently,DMTC export amount is around 2.5 million RMB to 3 million RMB per month, and major export countries are United States & Europe, including Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and so on.

Our Factory

CNC Factory
CNC Factory
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Sheet Metal
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Milling Pic
CNC machining 1
CNC Machining 1
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CNC Machining 2


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