What Is CNC Precision Machining

CNC precision machining refers to processing with an accuracy of 10-0.1 um and a surface roughness of less than 0.1 Ra. It is always called precision machining or precision parts machining.

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What are the commonly used machining methods for precision machining?

Commonly used processing methods include diamond turning, diamond boring, honing, grinding, super finishing, abrasive belt grinding mirror grinding, etc.


What are the applications of precision machining parts?

Precision machining plays a very important role in the manufacturing industry and is often used to machine key parts such as precision screws, precision gears, precision turbines, precision guide rails, and precision bearings.


What are the differences between precision machining and non-traditional machining?

1. Targeted parts are different

Non-traditional machining is usually used for parts of special materials or shapes and requires special processing methods.

Precision machining pays more attention to the surface quality and dimensional accuracy of the custom parts, without any restrictions on shape and material.

2. Technical requirements are different

Non-traditional machining requires highly precise machines and technologies, such as electrical discharge machining and electrochemical machining.

Precision machining requires operators with skilled cutting and grinding techniques.

3. Processing methods are different

Non-traditional machining uses special process methods, such as high temperature, high pressure, or electric discharge machining processes, etc. It does not use formed tools but uses energy beams for processing.

Precision machining mainly uses a cutting or grinding process to gradually improve the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the custom part.

CNC Precision Machining provides precision machining of complex custom parts and reduces production costs at the same time. As a highly developed and reliable technology, precision CNC machining reduces human participation and interference in the manufacturing process to ensure and improve parts accuracy and efficiency.

If you want to get precision machining parts from a manufacturer, and looking for a reliable CNC machine shop for a long time cooperation, DMTC Machining has a team of highly skilled experts and machinists with rich experience in precision machining technology. Equipped with 3-, 4-, and 5-axis CNC machines, we can customize a variety of high-quality and complex metal and plastic products to help you get your ideal precision machining parts.

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Why choose DMTC to finish the custom precision machining parts?


1. DMTC has rich experience and expertise

Based on the rich experience in previous projects, the DMTC CNC machining team can provide complex and precision machining parts in multiple industries.

2. DMTC has advanced CNC machining equipment

The parts will be manufactured and inspected by DMTC advanced equipment, including precision 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis machines, CMM measuring machines, XRF analyzers, height gauges, and more.

3. DMTC has ISO 9001 quality system certification

Whether a batch prototypes or CNC machining mass goods, DMTC will inspect each order, and ensure our quality meets customers’ requirements.

4. Tight tolerances and high precision

DMTC can machine high accuracy and complex parts with a dimensional tolerance of ±0.01mm, a geometric tolerance of 0.01mm, a minimum radius of R0.1mm, and a surface roughness of Ra0.2μm. 

5. Consistency and repeatability

DMTC CNC precision machining ensures repeatable and consistent results for the precision machining parts, which can help you save costs.

Check the CNC precision machining parts price with DMTC!

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