What Does CNC Mean in CNC Company

The full name of CNC is “Computer numerical control”, it is known as “CNC” and is a digital manufacturing technology. CNC company uses a microcomputer connected to the machine to control the machine instead of the traditional manual operation.

The microcomputer forwards the G code and M code containing the processing parameter instructions obtained from the CAD model to the machine tool, through turning, drilling, and milling. and other machining methods to remove the extra material from the workpiece.

CNC company develops process methods based on the drawings, uses manual or computer automatic compilation to finish the processing programs, and converts various operations and all process parameters required of the parts into information codes on a CNC device, and stores these codes in the information carrier, then information carrier is sent to the input device.

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The CNC process designed by the CNC company includes the following steps:

  1. Identify customer needs and draw specifications: confirm product needs and specifications with the customer. It includes the part geometry, dimensions, materials, surface treatment, etc.
  2. Design: Use CAD software to create 3D models of parts. During the design process, the requirements should be taken into consideration, such as machining sequence, cutting tool selection, feasibility, etc.
  3. CAM programming: Use CAM software to convert the CAD model of the part into CNC machine instructions. CAM software will generate information such as tool paths, cutting parameters, and process parameters.
  4. Simulation and verification: Before loading the CNC program into the machine, simulation and verification are important to ensure the correctness and safety of the program. Use CAM software to simulate the machining process and check issues such as tool paths, interference detection, and workpiece fixation.
  5. Processing settings: Set up the CNC machine’s workbench, fixtures, cutting tools, and cutting fluid according to the requirements during the process. Ensure accuracy and stability of machine and tools.
  6. Operation: Load the CNC program generated by CAM to the machine control system and start the process. Monitor the process to ensure accuracy and quality of processing.

Cnc company

What are the suitable materials used for CNC machining by CNC company?

  1. Metal: Copper alloy, stainless steel alloy, titanium, brass, aluminum alloy, steel, magnesium, etc.
  2. Plastic: acetal, PEEK, polycarbonate, nylon, acrylic, PVC, polypropylene, etc.
  3. Composite materials: epoxy, phenolic, glass fiber carbon fiber, etc.

CNC company chooses the suitable material for the different parts always considering many factors, such as hardness, mechanical property, functions, dimensional tolerance, operating temperature, and cost.


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