Product Manufacturing and Standards of Sheet Metal Fabrication Company

What’s sheet metal fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication is a product manufacturing process that involves turning thin and flat sheets of metal into pre-programmed structures. Sheet metal fabrication companies use some sheet metal design techniques to achieve this transition. These include punching, stamping, cutting, and bending.
The variety of sheet metal design techniques used by manufacturers ensures versatility while allowing the production of a wide range of parts and products. It combined with sheet metal ductility, shows a sheet metal fabrication company can do a vast range of sheet metal designs.
Sheet metal parts must be precise, durable, and resistant to environmental factors. These properties are critical for end-use applications in some industries. Therefore, sheet metal fabrication is used to manufacture components used in the automotive, aerospace, medical, and construction sectors.                
Sheet metal fabrication starts with a 3D CAD model. CAD files are converted to machine code for design specification, certification, and validation. This machine code is responsible for directing the machine to sheet metal design techniques well suited for raw material operations. In summary, you can also complete the process by using a range of surface treatments


sheet metal fabrication company

What are the standard contents of the sheet metal fabrication company:

  1. Selection of materials: choose metal materials with low cost, high strength, and good corrosion resistance as processing materials to obtain high-performance products.
  2. Cutting technology: adopt cutting technology with high precision and high work efficiency, such as punching machine cutting, punching machine cutting, laser cutting, etc.
  3. Punching: adopt high-precision and high-efficiency punching technology, such as punching, drilling, and laser punching.
  4. Bending: adopt low-noise, high-efficiency bending technology, such as punch bending, laser bending, argon arc welding bending, etc
  5. Surface treatments: plating, powder, anodizing, brushing, etc. 

How to reduce the cost of sheet metal fabrication?

  1. Place the order according to the advantage areas of the sheet metal fabrication company. Although they are all called “sheet metal fabrication company”, each company’s equipment is also different. It is possible to reduce costs by placing orders based on the characteristics of the equipment.
  2. Reduce the welding work for the parts, using bending instead of welding as much as possible. The small batch and varieties of welding work must rely on skilled craftsmen, the production cost always is higher. If one can choose to bend equipment instead of welding by hand, the cost can be reduced. It is recommended to select a welding or bending way according to the characteristics of the material, interference with the mold, etc.
  3. Reexamine the necessity of surfacing on the parts. In the welding of square joints, surfacing is usually required to ensure strength, but laser welding is not good at surfacing. In recent years, laser welding can ensure sufficient strength, so it is possible to reduce costs by considering choosing the processing methods to manufacture the parts.

In conclusion, the sheet metal industry is an important sub-industry in the metal forming industry and it also is the basic industry of the machinery manufacturing industry. The sheet metal fabrication company products involve the aerospace industry, automobile manufacturing industry, electronic and electrical industry, instrument industry, equipment manufacturing industry, and many other aspects, and its application range is very wide. 


Cross car bean for one automobile customer


DMTC is one of the top sheet metal fabrication companies in China, it provided many high-quality sheet metal parts for some famous international auto industry companies from 2019 up to now. It supports to help to design of the drawing and chooses the best way for manufacturers to save cost. The picture of the sheet metal part is the cross car bean for one automobile customer.DMTC help customers design and manufactured it in 2022.


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