What is The Process of Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication?

The advantages and characteristics of aluminum

The characteristics of aluminum are low density, high plasticity, corrosion resistance, easy strengthening, easy surface treatment, good conductivity, and so on. Under natural conditions or anodic oxidation, the surface will form a protective oxide film, which has much better corrosion resistance than steel.

stainless aluminum sheet metal

The technological process of aluminum sheet metal fabrication


1: Material preparation:

First of all, we need to prepare the aluminum sheet material for the machine. Usually, we adopt pure aluminum or aluminum alloy materials and then we select appropriate material specifications and thicknesses according to product requirements.

2: Design and drawing:

During the aluminum sheet processing, we need to design the production. This includes determining the size, shape, and machining requirements of the product, as well as producing corresponding CAD drawings.

3: Cutting and sanctioning:

According to the requirements of the drawing, the aluminum sheet is cut and turned, this step is usually processed by a shearing machine or CNC turning machine to ensure that the size and shape of the aluminum sheet meet the requirements.

4: Roughing:

After cutting and turning, the aluminum sheet needs to be rough machined, including surface polishing, corner trimming, and hole opening.

5: Bending and forming:

According to the requirements of the product design, the aluminum sheet is bent and formed, this step is usually processed using bending machines, punches, and die-casting equipment to produce the desired shape and structure.

6: Welding and connection:

we need to weld and join work for the parts, including argon arc welding, gas welding, and spot welding processes, to ensure the strong connection and sealing of aluminum sheet parts.

7: Surface treatment:

Finally, the surface process of the aluminum sheet metal fabrication is processed, including spraying, anodizing, and electroplating, to improve the appearance quality, and durability of the product.

aluminum sheet matel for industrial automation device

The common surface treatment of aluminum sheet metal fabrication


1. Sandblasting

We use the impact of high-speed sand flow to clean and roughen the metal surface. In this way, the surface of the aluminum parts can obtain a certain degree of cleanliness and different roughness. It increases the adhesion with the coating and prolongs the durability of the coating film.

2. Polishing

We use mechanical, chemical, or electrochemical action to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece so that the surface becomes smooth and bright. The aluminum parts are close to the stainless steel mirror effect after mechanical and electrolytic polishing, this process gives a high-end simple, fashionable feeling.

3. Anodizing

Anodizing refers to the electrochemical oxidation of metals or alloys, aluminum, and its alloys in the corresponding electrolyte and specific process conditions, due to the action of the external current, the formation of an oxide film on the aluminum product process. Anodizing can make the surface hardness and wear resistance of aluminum better, extend the life of aluminum, and enhance its beauty, which is currently widely used and the most mature process.

The aluminum sheet metal fabrication process of DMTC is very excellent, we own mature surface treatment technology, and our products have passed the ISO9001 certification and IATF16949 certification. For any quality problem, we can ensure that it is solved the first time.

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The common applications of aluminum sheet metal fabrication


Aviation field

Aluminum is one of the main materials in the field of aviation, it is widely used in aircraft fuselage and wings, and most structure materials are used in aluminum materials, as well as navigation instruments, instrument panels, joysticks, and other accessories.

Automotive field

Aluminum is also widely used in the automotive industry, and the application of aluminum alloy frames, engines, and wheels has become a trend for many automobile manufacturers. Aluminum can also be used in car window frames, door handles, and other exterior trim.

Household and industrial appliances

Many household washers, dryers, dishwashers, and other appliances are also designed with aluminum frames. The best use of aluminum is in refrigeration and freezing appliances, which are characterized by promoting cooling and efficient refrigeration.

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