What is The CNC Prototyping?

CNC prototyping is a manufacturing process used to create samples or prototypes of products. It typically uses tools such as computer-aided design (CAD) software and computer numerical control (CNC) machines to precisely cut and process materials to create a model that resembles the final product. CNC prototyping services play an important role in modern manufacturing, they are indispensable in any industry. DMTC is committed to providing the best CNC prototyping services for different industries’ customers, helping you achieve every imaginative design.

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The advantages of CNC prototyping services:

  1. High precision: CNC machines can achieve very high machining accuracy and repeatability, reducing errors and waste. This is important for making prototypes that require high precision.
  2. Fast manufacturing: CNC machines can process the parts automatically, shortening the production time greatly, thus improving the speed and efficiency of CNC prototyping.
  3. Flexibility: CNC machines can process a variety of different materials, including plastic, metal, wood, etc., and can also quickly change different tools and fixtures to adapt to prototype processing needs of various shapes and sizes.
  4. Digital control: CNC machine uses a digital control system, which can control the machining process through computer programming, then improving the accuracy and repeatability of the processing, and reducing human operation errors.

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What are the four steps of CNC prototyping services at DMTC?

  1. Design: During the design, it is necessary to complete the initial design of the product by hand drawing, CAD design software, or other auxiliary tools. The focus of it is to determine the size, shape, and function of the product.
  2. Manufacturing: It is necessary to machine parts according to the design drawings or 3D models. The focus of this step is to select the correct materials and manufacturing methods, such as CNC machining, 3D printing, laser cutting, etc., and ensure that the produced prototype meets the design requirements.
  3. Test: The machined prototypes need to be inspected and tested to ensure that they meet the design requirements and functional requirements. The focus of this step is to test various indicators, such as strength, wear resistance, service life, etc.
  4. Correction and improvement: After problems are found during testing, the prototypes need to be corrected and improved to achieve better results. The focus of this step is to understand the test results and make adjustments and improvements based on experimental data to improve the quality and performance of the prototypes.


The Applications of CNC Prototyping Services:

  1. Automotive industry: Used in auto parts prototyping, and auto mold manufacturing.
  2. Aerospace industry: Used in aircraft parts, aircraft engine parts, space vehicle prototyping, etc
  3. Medical industry: used for medical equipment prototyping and medical device mold manufacturing.
  4. Industrial design: Used for prototyping various products, such as mobile phones, computers, home appliances, and other products.
  5. Education and training: It is used for teaching and experiments in schools and training institutions to help students understand the CNC machining technology.
  6. personal customization: For individuals to make a variety of small batches or single prototypes to achieve personalized customization needs.

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The CNC prototyping services at DMTC:

  1. With our management system, DMTC can assign an engineer to quote the inquiry in 24 hours
  2. DMTC has around 5 engineers to provide expert advice and DFM feedback to help you and save costs.
  3. ISO 9001 Certification
  4. Inspection Report(including Material Certification and goods inspection report)
  5. Real-time progress tracking, and real-time feedback on processing progress, let you control the production progress, handle abnormal situations promptly, and ensure that orders are completed on time.
  6. Provide good after-sales service.

Choose the CNC prototyping services At DMTC, we can help you achieve your CAD blueprints. Based on extensive engineering experience and methods, we can guarantee strong manufacturing capabilities. Our 3,4, 5 axis CNC machines and a wide range of auxiliary equipment can finish your customized designs, whether they are prototypes or mass quantities.


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