Learn about Metal Bending Services in the CNC Industry

What is metal bending?

We bend metal sheets, pipes, and profiles into a certain curvature, shape, and size, and get a certain shape of the parts, this stamping process is called metal bending. Metal bending is a common metal process.

sheet metal bending parts for manufacturing aircraft

What are the kinds of metal bending processes?

1. Bending
We use the bending machine to process the metal sheet to form a V-shaped or U-shaped bend, this process is called bending.

2. Roll bending
We bend a sheet or profile by using a rotating roller. this process is called roll bending. Cylindrical structures or circular arc components are generally formed by rolling bending processing methods.

3. Stretch bending
Stretch bending is the process of combining the two processes of stretching and bending to form the desired shape of a metal material. We attach the metal material to a fixture, then stretch it to the desired length by tension, and finally bend it into the desired shape by bending the mold. The stretch bending process is suitable for the manufacture of long and thin metal parts, such as cables, wire ropes, etc.

Our technicians have been working for more than ten years, and the metal bending processing technology is excellent, DMTC can provide customers with precision metal bending service.

sheet metal bending parts

What are the common types of materials for metal bending?

1. Steel
Steel is mainly made of iron and carbon. The carbon content of steel in the production process can be adjusted as needed, so bending steel is very common. It is very strong and durable, and it is easy to process and bend during production. Therefore, steel parts after bending are widely used in construction, manufacturing, and mechanical industry.

2. Copper
Copper is also a metal that can be bent easily, mainly because it is very soft. Its softness makes it ideal for applications such as making wires and pipes. Copper can also be alloyed to increase its strength and durability, and this alloy is commonly used to make metal parts and electronic components.

3. Aluminum
Aluminum is another metal that can be bent relatively easily. Unlike steel and copper, its bending is not mainly determined by its softness, but because its density is lower than other metals and it has better plasticity. This makes aluminum ideal for making parts of a wide variety of shapes. Aluminum’s lightness also makes it a major material for manufacturing aircraft and automobiles.

DMTC owns the most advanced machinery and equipment, and we support metal bending services for all kinds of materials.

Aluminum sheet metal bending parts

What are the applications of metal bending services?

1. Aerospace
The metal bending is widely used in the aerospace field. For example, aircraft wings, aircraft bulkheads, etc., need to use a metal bending process.

2. Automobile manufacturing
The body of the car, engine cover, door panels, etc., need to use a metal bending service.

3. Medical device industry
Metal bending service is commonly used in the medical industry. Such as hospital wheelchair frames, wheelchair handles, trolleys, medical supplies trolleys, and so on.

4. Architectural decoration
A variety of metal finishing materials are commonly used in architectural decoration, which need to be processed into different shapes using metal bending processes, doors, windows, guardrails, and other parts.

As an important metal processing technology, metal bending is widely used in many areas. Through the understanding and application of the metal bending process, it can effectively improve industrial production efficiency and meet the production needs of diverse products, with high precision and high quality in different industries. DMTC provides professional metal bending services for all kinds of materials, if you need it, please call us!

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