3D Hubs is the category leader in on-demand CNC machining services. With a CAD file and a single click, engineers can receive a free Design for Manufacturing analysis and generate an instant production quote; other manufacturing methods like 3D printing and injection molding are also available. Use the world’s best online CNC manufacturing and 3D printing service to source parts for the lowest price possible.
The CNC machining industry used to be the sole purview of individual shops and expensive bulk manufacturers. Designers needed to find a producer with the appropriate technology, negotiate an affordable quote, and wait for their product to be created after a backlog of other orders.

Thanks to the advent of cloud technologies and artificially intelligent software, CNC machining can now be sourced almost completely online. Companies like 3D Hubs use digital tools to provide instant quotes and alongside detailed manufacturing analysis. Products are sourced from the best possible manufacturers across the globe, and designers are always connected with nearby producers who can complete each order with a short lead time.

The progression of technology has made on-demand manufacturing more than just a possibility. Design a part, upload a file, and receive a finished product faster than a local shop can deliver the initial quote. Short lead times and a simple manufacturing process result in lower costs than ever before.

When given the choice between local CNC production or on-demand CNC machining, the decision is obvious. Short lead times, cheap production costs, and outstanding results can all be achieved with the click of a button.

Turn any design into a reality with 3D Hubs’ online manufacturing tool. Simply upload a file, select CNC machining, and choose the best materials and preferences for the design. The manufacturing tool will generate an instant quote and estimated lead time; confirm the quote to start the manufacturing process.

3D Hubs is the world’s best provider of on-demand CNC machining and 3D printing services. Use our intelligent cloud-based platform to reduce production costs and receive finished designs faster than ever before.

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