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With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the importance of custom car parts manufacturing has become increasingly prominent. As the foundation of the automobile industry, custom car parts manufacturing is not only related to product quality but also affects the development of the entire industrial chain.


 DMTC is fortunate to participate in the design, testing, and mass production of multiple custom car parts for a well-known world car company. We have a professional team and top technical talents in the industry. Every step from design to testing is strictly controlled by specialists.

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  1. Design for the custom car parts

Auto parts design is the basis of auto manufacturing. Designers need to perform precise calculations and simulations based on the drawings and requirements provided by automobile manufacturers to ensure the performance and reliability of parts. The application of modern design software makes the design process more convenient and improves design accuracy.


  1. Material selection for custom car parts

Custom car parts manufacturing relies on high-quality materials. When selecting materials, it is necessary to consider not only their mechanical properties such as strength and toughness, but also factors such as environmental protection and economy. New materials such as high-strength steel, aluminum alloys, plastics, etc. are increasingly used in automotive parts manufacturing, providing designers and manufacturers with more choices.


  1. Processing technology

Custom car parts manufacturing involves a variety of processing techniques, such as turning, milling, drilling, laser welding, etc. With the development of science and technology, automated and intelligent processing equipment has gradually become popular, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing costs. At the same time, the research and development of new tools and cutting technology have further improved the processing quality.

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  1. Quality control

Quality is the lifeline of automobile parts, and high-quality parts are the basis for ensuring automobile performance. During the manufacturing process, we need to conduct strict quality inspections on every step to ensure that every part meets the standards. Modern testing equipment and methods, such as non-destructive testing, AI quality testing systems, etc., provide strong support for quality testing. We have a professional automotive quality management system IATF16949  and quality control professionals to achieve it.


  1. Applications for innovative technology

In the field of custom car parts manufacturing, innovative technologies bring new development opportunities to the industry. For example, 3D printing technology provides the possibility for personalized customization and small batch production; intelligent manufacturing and Internet of Things technology realize the intelligence and informatization of the production process; big data and cloud computing help enterprises conduct data analysis and decision-making. The application of these innovative technologies will further improve the efficiency and quality of custom car parts manufacturing.


  1. Trend for development

As the concepts of environmental protection, energy saving, and intelligence become more and more popular, the auto parts manufacturing industry will usher in many changes. First of all, green manufacturing will become mainstream, and environmentally friendly materials and processes will be widely used; secondly, intelligent manufacturing will become the focus of future development, and automated and intelligent production lines will greatly improve production efficiency; finally, with the development of autonomous driving and new energy vehicles, the demand for high-precision and high-temperature-resistant parts will increase significantly, which provides a broad market space for custom car parts manufacturer.

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  1. The vision of DMTC for custom car parts manufacturing

Custom car parts manufacturing is a field full of challenges and opportunities. Only by keeping up with the trend of the times and constantly innovating can DMTC remain invincible in this industry. Let us look forward to the brilliant future of the auto parts manufacturing industry together!

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