Aircraft class seat

The main business of our company includes the design, development, processing and manufacturing of aviation components. We have experience in the design and development of functional system components of airplane seats — “business class seat armrest”, “airplane seat tray table” and other products. And the project of KKY140 passenger business class seat has passed the quality acceptance of Boeing aircraft assembly line, and has been included in the product selection catalog of Boeing and Airbus. Domestic airlines business class seats are based on this, only for the appearance of color and electrical interface changes. The frame mark part in the picture is supplied by our company.

1.The armrest  are designed and manufactured according to CCAR25 requirements

2.It is composed of 77 kinds of parts and 25 kinds of standard parts. The main connection methods are riveting, threaded connection and cementing

3.Verified in impact,lateral pressure,inflaming ,high & low temperature,humidity and vibration test.
 Now our products are applied in many airline companies and domestic high-speed railway.


Aircraft class seat

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