4 Axis CNC Machining

CNC machining has grown to become one of the most critical manufacturing processes used in workshops around the world. Adding computer control to a previously manual process allowed a leap forward in the accuracy and precision of machined parts.

Furthermore, due to the increasingly complex requirements of various industries, CNC machine tools have undergone several evolutions to better meet the needs of customers.

The evolution of CNC machining technology has given rise to various forms and variations of the technology. These include 3-axis CNC machining, 4-axis CNC machining, and 5-axis CNC machining.

4-axis CNC machining provides a significant upgrade over 3-axis machining. It adds a degree of freedom through the rotational motion, it makes the complex parts more straightforward.

In 4-axis CNC machining, the tool moves freely on the X, Y, and Z axes to machine the workpiece. And the workpiece is not stationary on the table like, in 3-axis machining, a 4-axis CNC machine can rotate a workpiece around the X-axis in a plane called the A-axis. So when the tool moves along the workpiece and then the table turns it, you can cut along the contour of the workpiece.
4-axis CNC machining and 5-axis CNC machining are more suitable for manufacturing complex precision parts for many industries such as molds, shipbuilding, automobiles, aerospace, and other fields.

4 axis CNC machining
The advantages of 4-axis CNC machining:

1. Allows for higher design complexity

4-axis CNC machines can machine multiple faces of a workpiece without adjusting or changing the fixtures one more time. The extra rotation makes it possible to access machine parts on other faces at odd angles to create the final part.

2. High precision and accuracy

4-axis CNC machines can access multiple faces of a workpiece without adjusting or changing the fixtures. As a result, parts made from it are highly accurate and can meet strict standards.

3. Higher speed and lower production cost

​Most parts finished on a 4-axis CNC machine require only one setup. As a result, machining can proceed smoothly without downtime or intervention to change the fixtures and tools. Additionally, production costs are significantly reduced as multiple fixtures are not required to hold the part.

Although the 5-axis has outstanding advantages over the 4-axis and 3-axis, not all products are suitable for 5-axis CNC machining, and products suitable for 3-axis CNC machining are not necessarily suitable for 5-axis machining. If the original 3-axis products be processed by 5-axis CNC machining, it will not only increase the cost but also finally the parts are not perfect. Only by reasonable arrangement can the value of the machine tool itself be brought into play. 

How to choose between 4-axis CNC machining and 5-axis CNC machining for your project? The 3 important factors should be considered:

1. Budget: On a budget scale, 5-axis CNC machining is more expensive than 4-axis CNC machining and 4-axis CNC machining is more expensive than 3-axis CNC machining.

2. For complex parts, you should choose 5-axis CNC machining as much as possible. However, for projects aimed at producing small and simple parts, 3 and 4 axes machining are the ideal choice.

4. Operation process: The higher the number of axes, the more complex the operation. In the case of ensuring simple operation procedures, the 3-axis is the easiest, followed by 4-axis CNC machining.

4 axis CNC machining

Conclusion: In the process of 4-axis CNC machining, the workpiece can complete the machining of multiple surfaces after one clamping, and can also perform high-precision machining of complex spatial surfaces. It is very suitable for forming molds for machining auto parts, aircraft structural parts, and other workpieces.

4-axis CNC machining can also produce a smooth surface finish, which is essential for many manufacturing applications. Despite the advanced technology involved, 4-axis CNC machining provides excellent results at a low cost. 

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