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  • CNC milling is a computer-controlled process that involves using cutting tools to remove part of a workpiece. The processing of a milling machine is that the tool rotates and the workpiece does not rotate. The material being machined is flat. CNC Milling can process flat surfaces, grooves, spiral surfaces of toothed parts, and various curved surfaces.
  • DMTC(Shenzhen DMTC Intelligent Technology CO., LTD) can provide suitable materials for CNC Milling: aluminum, nylon, copper, steel, titanium alloy, POS, PEEK, ABS, PVC, Nylon, brass, etc.
  • The applications of CNC Milling: auto industry, electrical industry, medical industry, consumer products, etc
  • We(Shenzhen DMTC Intelligent Technology CO., LTD) own advanced multi-axis CNC milling machines, that can help you finish high-quality parts with fast lead times.


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