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        DMTC Intelligent Technology Company involves in designing, developing, processing and manufacturing various industrial components to meet the needs of our clients. We are dedicated in forming a manufacturing platform that built-to-any custom component order for the fields of aerospace, medical, automotive and industrial.

        DMTC specializes in the design and development of functional system components of airplane seats, such as business class sear armrest and airplane seat tray table. We pay great attention to the precise degree, weight control and quality control while manufacturing aircraft interior parts. We form the medical parts with medical grade material that meet the medical standard. We are professional in providing parts of surgical robots and medical equipment. Moreover, the ODM plastic and metal process supporting services are provided for high-end equipment customers. 

aisle spreadbar1
industial part12
Tray table assembly
industial part
Tray table
industial part1
Medical parts-1