CNC machining H59 Brass parts

H59 Brass parts for automobile industry

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                                             H59 Brass parts for automobile industry

                                Process: CNC machining; Surface Treatment: as machined


H59 Brass 

Surface treatment as machined
Tolerance ±0.005inch(according to the customized requests)
Process CNC machining
Usage Brass parts for automobile industry
Customized Drawings CAD, JPEG, PDF, STP, IGS, STEP/STP and most other file formats are accepted
Packing By pearl cotton/bubble bag/plastic wrap + carton box , 0.5-10kg/carton box

Brass is made of copper and zinc.

its characteristics are good thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and good plasticity.

Applications of brass parts:

Automobile manufacturing: Brass parts are widely used in automobile engines, such as piston pins, crankshaft sleeves, connecting rod sleeves, CD-ROM covers, steam engine thermostats, etc.

Shipbuilding: Brass also plays an important role in navigation, such as brass anchors, pendulums, propellers, and so on.

DMTC can provide a variety of precision brass processing services, we can also provide customers with professional customized brass parts


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