DMTC Intelligent Technology Company

DMTC Intelligent Technology Co, LTD receives around two hundred orders monthly, reaching the amount of 2 to 2.5 million RMB. Our production capability is 3 million RMB every month. Our quarterly objective for production is 8 million RMB and the annual goal is 40 million RMB. There are many kinds of equipment we import in our facility, including CNC machines, CNC lathes, milling machine, EDM machines, wire EDM machine, Grinding machine, injection machine, laser cutting machine, bending machine and so on. The origin of the equipment is majority from Japan and Korea. The investment in equipment is more than 60 million.


A group of elite manufacturing engineers work in our facility in Shenzhen, who provide a strong support in monitoring and managing the manufacturing process. Our facility has strong turn around ability, and the fast lead time we hit was 6 working days. The neatness appearance and high quality of what we manufacture receive high comments from our clients.


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Post time: Jul-22-2019